A heady blend of Wild Porcini Mushrooms, herbs, garlic and a splash of Marsala wine.

Wild Mushroom Handmade Herb Butter

  • Wonderfully richly flavored herb butter made with Porchini Mushrooms for the most concentrated mushroom aroma. Blended with garlic and herbs and a spash of Marsala wine to complement the earthy, heady mushrooms. Perfect for that finishing touch to steak, white fish such as Halibut or Tilapia or steamed green vegetabes. You will wonder what you did before this little chef in a jar! Carefully made by hand.


    Keep Refrigerated


    4oz Mason Jar


    Ingredients: Butter, Porchini Mushrooms, Garlic, Shallots, Marsala Wine, Thyme, Salt, Black Pepper,

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