Delicious Clotted Cream to serve with pie, cobbler, fresh berries, grilled fruit and of course, Blakemere Scones and Jam!

Devonshire Delight Clotted Cream

  • Blakemere Devonshire Delight is the first and only clotted cream made in America.

    To create this luscious, all natural cream by hand we source local North Carolina farm cream and use a timeless traditional tecnique. Rich and decadent with a slightly nutty, buttery sweetness, which comes from the naturally occuring milk sugar, this luxurious cream is perfect for special occasions. Unlike creme fraiche which is set with a culture, our cream is not sour or tangy but is undulatinlgy thick with flecks of yellow buttery "crust".  Quite literally, "Cream to the Power of 10!"


    Delicious served with Blakemere Scones and Jam, our Flourless Choclate Cake, as well as our Sticky Toffee Pudding, your Grandma's heirloom Peach Cobbler recipe, fresh or grilled fruit or warm brownies.


    Keep Refrigerated


    6oz Jar


    Ingredients Grade 'A' Pasteurized Heavy Cream, a touch of Butter

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