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All About Clotted Cream
Famous in England as a delicious treat, Clotted Cream is relatively unknown  in the United States and we want to change that! Devonshire Delight is the Blakemere Company's hand made version of this luxurious cream.  We follow a traditional English recipe and the result is rich, creamy and delectable, buttery with a slightly sweet nutty flavor. Clotted Cream is basically heavy cream which has been concentrated and thickened by gentle heat. The luscious result is worth the wait! Read on to find out more!
The method takes a lot of time! Heavy cream is heated slowly for hours so the butterfat rises up to the surface and the cream thickens. Then it is allowed to cool, so that the rich top layer can be scooped off the milky bottom layer
Clotted cream has been made in England since the Middle Ages. It is known that monks at Tavistock Abbey in Devon, England were making it in the 13th century. Originally it was a way of preserving cream for a longer period, but it was found to be so delicious that abbey workers were actually paid in clotted cream and jam and bread! There are numerous old recipes to be found and it is an artisanal farmhouse industry in the Westcountry of England today.
The richest milk makes the best cream and the Devon Milk Cows are famous for their beautiful yellow cream...